IB Technologies has experience of installing 1+MW distributed solar solutions in Northern India. Focus remains to design systems which would be the perfect for consumer’s needs and worth it.

IB Technologies specializes in assessing, designing, sizing and implementing the roof tops and field based solar solutions. Provides all options on system designs, technology and available incentives/benefits.

IB Technologies provides the best sourcing options, largest pool of vendors (including solar panels, inverters and balance of plant equipment) and the most competitive price for your solar system.

IB Technologies helps you to select the solution that suits you best in terms of both reliability of the system performance and the cost economics. We are a team of professionals who are dedicated to provide to you best services during the installation and as well as after the installation is done.

Type of Solar power Roof top plant

System is suitable in those area where power cut is not a major problem for the consumer. This system does not require any battery power bank. However in this system number of unit produced by the consumer’s Solar panel plant will be exported to grid and in return those unit will reduced from Consumer’s Electricity bill.
(For Example:  Consumption of Customer is of 700 unit and solar panel roof top system produce 600 unit, In this case customer will have to pay only for 100 Electricity unit.
In case customer Produce 800 unit and consume only 700 unit then those 100 unit will be credited in customer account for future adjustment.)

System is suitable for those area where daily power cut off  is in between 8-10 hours. In this system we provide customer with power bank where customer can store electricity produced by solar panel system and can use it in case of power failure.

View Executed Sites of Solar power rooftop Plant in Delhi Ncr by IB Technologies Pvt. Ltd. 

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