Technical Specification of Havells ETC based 100L/150/200/300 Solar water heating system

Type:- Non Pressurized Solar Water heater
Material of Inner Tank:- SS304 grade stainless steel
Material of Outer Tank:- GI powder coated steel
Insulation of Tank:- High Density PUF insulation
Circulation:- Thermosiphon Type
Material of Side Cover:- Galvanized Steel
Vacuum tube Type:- Type 3 target tube AL-N-AL/SS/CU coated
Number of vacuum tube:- 10N/15N/20N/30N
Outer glass tube Diameter:-50mm
Inner glass tube diameter:- 47mm
Length of Vacuum Tube:- 1800mm
Stand:- Aluminum(Flat Roof)
Maximum operating pressure:- 0.6MPa
Structure of Stand:- Flat

Electric heater backup(optional):- 1.5kW/1.5kW/1.5kW/2.5kW
Anode protection:- Magnesium Anode Rod
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