IB Technologies Pvt. Ltd. provides telecom consultancy services in obtaining telecom licences for telecom services like VoiceMail/ Audiotex/ UMS and Unified licences with authorization of various services like Internet Service (Cat-A, Cat-B & Cat-C), National Long Distance (NLD) Service, International Long Distance (ILD) Service, Public Mobile Radio Trunking Service (PMRTS)/ Captive Mobile Radio Trunking Service (CMRTS), Commercial/ Captive VSAT and Global mobile Personal Communication by satellite (GMPCS) service etc.

We also have a team of experienced telecom consultants which provides valuable guidance and support to facilitate your telecom business. At present, our company extends support to interested companies to get them registered as Domestic / International OSPs and International calling card/ global card service providers respectively as per their need.

We  also provide  technology solutions and services related to broadband &  Internet  Service through cable, wireless, laser communications, dedicated leased lines, Wi-Fi wireless Network etc and also  indulge in web server leasing, web server hosting and network solutions,Etc


• We provide seamless & hassle free consultancy service to our valuable clients in time bound manner.
• We extend all necessary support in preparing application & other relevant documents required for getting various type of telecom licenses such as VoiceMail/ Audiotex/ UMS License and Unified License with authorization of all type of telecom services like Internet Service ( Cat-A, Cat-B & Cat-C) , PMRTS, GMPCS, Access Service, NLD, ILD, Commercial/Captive VSAT Service etc based on the requirement of our valuable client.
• After getting proper authorization from our clients, we interact with DoT on behalf of our clients as and when required till LOI is issued and License Agreement is signed by them.
• We also extend all necessary technical support for installation, commissioning and maintenance.
• We also provide consultancy service in getting the companies registered with Department of Communication for Domestic/ International OSPs and then also extend required technical support on need basis in establishing their business in IT sector in the present competitive environment.

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